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As a writer, educator, debate coach, and wildlands devotee, I created this site for those who love and live with America’s public lands–parks, monuments, forests, wilderness, rangelands, wetlands–yet often struggle to convince others of their best, sustainable use. Related to the America’s common lands, I believe the greatest question we face is “How can we best communicate about the perils and promise of natural resources with a mind to their long-term sustainability and intrinsic value to human populations?” Much of my writing offers a close examination of the history of human engagement over land use to reveal the relative effectiveness of persuasive strategies used in advocacy, debate, conflict, politics, community dynamics, and peacemaking.

Thanks for your interest in this quest.

“Everyone living in a community with other people is inevitably a rhetorician.”
– Edward Corbett, Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student

Daniel Henry is Program Director of the North Words Writer’s Symposium
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Just Released! Across the Shaman’s River: John Muir, the Tlingit Stronghold, and the Opening of the North

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