Published Works

Writing Awards

“Mother Goose Rising” received Special Mention in Pushcart Prize Anthology XXVIII, (New York, 2004)

“A Murder of Crows” appears in Pushcart Book of Essays: The Best of a Quarter Century of Pushcart, (New York, 2003)

“A Murder of Crows,” Pushcart Prize Anthology XXIV, (New York, 2000)

Selected Published Works

“Kuiu Dreamtime,” Cold Flashes: Glimpses into Real Alaska ed. Michael Engelhard, University of Alaska Press, 2010.

“Prophet at Yandeistakye,” Connotations: Journal of the Island Institute, Winter 2009.

“Cruise Control.” Earth Island Journal Summer 2008

“Slouching Toward Deer Rock,” Crosscurrents North: Alaskans On the Environment University of Alaska Press, 2008.

“Eating Edward Curtis At the Ugruk CafĂ©,” Travelers Tales Alaska. San Francisco: Travelers Tales, 2003: 31-48.

“Food Fight: The Battle Over Subsistence Rights,” Alaska. August 2003: 22-27.

The paper, “Shoot-Out in the Last Frontier: Community Conflict in Alaska,” appears in the Proceedings of the Southwest/Texas Popular and American Culture Association, February 2002: 331-354.

“Letter to Charlie,” an essay about single parenting, appears in Northern Lights, Missoula MT, Winter, 2002: 26-27.

The essay “Do Not Disturb” about Herschel Island in the Arctic Ocean was selected in 2001 along with works by Barry Lopez, David Quammen, and Peter Matthiessen for the Oregon High School intermediate reading examination.

“Letter to Faye,” an essay about an experience with Ken Kesey, Northern Lights, Missoula, Fall, 2001: 20-21.

“Mother Goose Rising,” Northern Lights, Missoula MT, Spring 2001: 11-15.

“A Better Life,” oral histories of Tlingit elders Paul and Marilyn Wilson, appears in Northern Lights, Missoula MT, Spring 2001: 24-28.

“Allowable Cut: Fear and Transformation in a Tongass Timber Town,” Book of the Tongass. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Press,1999: 163-182.

“Ursus Dumpus,” Northern Lights, Missoula MT, Fall, 1999: 23-27.

“Do Not Disturb,” Up Here, Yellowknife, NWT, March 1999: 25-27.

“Amanita Simmer,” Northern Lights, Missoula MT, Fall 1997: 8-9.

“Crossing An Abyss: Cantankerous Alaskans Experiment with a Code of Conduct,” Chronicle of Community, Missoula, MT, Winter 1997: 29-35.

“Deep Dreaming On Qikiqtaruk,” Connotations, Sitka, Winter 1997: 4-15.

“Toy Tide,” Northern Lights, Missoula MT, Fall 1996: 8-9.

Poetry appears in several publications, including Redneck Review of Literature, Explorations, Moosebound Press, Northern Journal, Undercurrents